Veteran Credit

About The Service

The WOTC program rewards employers for helping veterans get back on their feet with employment opportunities, by offering a tax credit worth up to $9,600 per veteran hire.

Who Qualifies

Companies can capture a tax credit for hiring veterans who are receiving food stamp (SNAP) benefits, or are entitled to compensation for a service-connected disability, or who have been unemployed.

Veteran Who... Maximum Tax Credit Amount
Receives SNAP (Food Stamp) Benefits $2,400
Has a Service - Connected Disability
  • Hired within 1 year of discharge or release from active duty
  • Unemployed at least 6 months in the year ending on the hire date
  • $4,800
  • $9,600
Is unemployed
  • At least 4 weeks
  • At least 6 months
  • $2,400
  • $5,600



  • Receive tax credit for the employees you hire
  • Up to $9,600 in tax credit per qualified employee
  • Employers can screen applicants before hiring
  • Carryforward up to 20 years
  • $1 for $1 reduction of federal tax liability
  • Success-based fee structure: HIREtech won’t get paid until you get credit
  • Our Government Relations team has strong relationships with each State
  • Customized, in-depth reporting is provided
  • We work with your CPA/tax preparer to provide support
  • Highest certification rate in the nation

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