Unemployment Management


The current pandemic has caused many disruptions in business and now is the time of year when employers and states are especially overwhelmed with Unemployment Rates and Claims.

covid19 impact covid19 impact

The Majority of the 2021 Unemployment Tax Rates have already been issued.

The remaining rates will be arriving in the coming weeks.

Do you know if your rates are correct?
Are you being charged for Covid related claims?
Protest deadlines are imminent and HIREtech is here to help.


proCLAIMS is our full service solution to help with the entire unemployment process

HIREtech will help you enhance and improve your unemployment claims and tax management process to reduce costs and improve outcomes. We ensure that every claim and tax rate are managed and assessed for accuracy and applicability.

HIREtech offers award winning client service. We work to save you time and money while reducing risk.

We have your back pre, during, and post Pandemic.

Please contact us about our Unemployment Management Services.

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