Unemployment Claims Management

About The Service

The HIREtech Unemployment Claims Management (UCM) solution can relieve the burden on your HR staff while reducing your unemployment claims. Once our solution is implemented, our process includes an initial review, administration of claims, audit of benefit charges, and management of unemployment taxes and claims. The key to reducing these costs lies within management of the initial claim. Our experienced staff will assist with appeals and overpayments.

HIREtech Case Study

Unemployment fraud results in overpayment of unemployment claims. 
Here is an example of fraud that HIREtech uncovered, resulting in significant savings to our client.

Educational Staffing Company with 1,700 employees and 144 claims per year

Claimant Potential Liability
Former Employee 1 - Ineligible (No Charges) $7,240.00
Former Employee 2 - Ineligible/Restitution $3,338.82
Former Employee 3 - Ineligible/Restitution $6,160.00
Former Employee 4 - Ineligible (No Charges) $7,240.00
Former Employee 5 - Ineligible (No Charges) $7,040.00
Former Employee 6 - Ineligible (No Charges) $5,260.00
Former Employee 7 - Ineligible (No Charges) $7,240.00
Total Savings $43,518.82



  • Fully Outsourced Solution - We can take the UCM process off your plate entirely.
  • Technology - Forget about spreadsheets and paperwork. Our UCM platform integrates with your HRIS platform and pulls the data needed.
  • Reporting - Our reports provide detailed claims information with full access to reports and visibility to claim status.
  • State Integration – Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange (UI SIDES) allows for electronic transmission of information requests and access to State Level UI agencies.

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