HIREtech's proCLAIMS service is a fully outsourced solution that takes the entirety of the time intensive UCM process off your plate.



Forget about spreadsheets and paperwork. Our UCM platform integrates with your HRIS platform and pulls the data needed.


State Integration

Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange (UI SIDES) allows for electronic transmission of information requests. Our integration allows us access to State Level UI agencies.



Our reports provide real time, actionable data to help you manage your business. Detailed information on claims, protests, win rates, and upcoming actions puts the information you need at your fingertips on any device, anywhere in the world.



HIREtech offers award winning client services. Our mission is to save you time and money while reducing risks.


Your State Unemployment Insurance rates can increase if you don't respond timely to claims

Once implemented HIREtech will work to help your company minimize your unemployment tax rates by making sure every claim is attended too and appealed if necessary.

Our Mission

To alleviate your HR workload allowing for efficiency in the office.

With experts leading our customer service team, we will always be there to guide you through the UCM process.

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