The word COMPLIANCE is why we built simplifi-9.

Knowing that the M-274 Employer Handbook is the end all be all for completing the Form I-9 the correct way, our solution fully adheres to all 100+ pages of the M-274 so our clients and partners have the confidence of working with the most thorough and compliant I-9 solution on the market. But in true HIREtech fashion, it’s also simple and easy to use, that’s why we call it simplifi-9.


Simplifying the form I-9

Completely Electronic and Mobile Enabled

You can complete the I-9 anytime, anywhere, from any device with simplifi-9. New hires, preparer translators, employers to authorized representatives, no matter who the user is, everyone can compliantly and easily finish their part of the I-9, the right way the first time.

Simple to Use

With simpifi-9 there’s no need to be a tech wiz or to even know what the Form I-9 is for that matter. Dynamic logic, formatting guidance, & instructional prompts are just a few of the checks and balances that enable a user to confidently, compliantly, and quickly enter their information.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify Integration

HIREtech is an Authorized Agent for E-Verify. Once you complete Section 2 of the form I-9, simplifi-9 automatically submits the case to the E-Verify Administration. All case details, including TNC’s and the appropriate action on how to handle them are housed, tracked, maintained, and stored within simplifi-9.


Technology Made for You


One of the most critical points of a compliant Form I-9 process is to be able to produce an Audit Trail Report. Justifi-9 is our name for our Real Time Audit Trail Report. As soon as the Form I-9 is completed, you have access to an Audit Trail Report that has exactly what ICE looks for when they conduct an audit.

What it tracks:

  • Who logged in and from what device/browser
  • What data fields were entered
  • When signed
  • What was uploaded
  • Old and new values in the event of changes
    to any section of the I-9
  • Date/time/IP address stamps

Justifi-9 has your back and makes it very transparent to see how all users completed their roles on the Form I-9. It provides the level of detail that ICE expects and what employers need.

Additional Functionality

Fixing your old I-9’s, Storing old I-9’s, Remote Hiring assistance; we have you covered no matter what the situation is.

The M-274 Handbook has specific guidelines for correcting your I-9’s. With purifi-9, HIREtech gets it done for you. Once we receive your old I-9’s, our HIREtech’ians (real, live human beings) in our Houston, TX headquarters, go line by line, page by page, I-9 by I-9, and identify all of the errors. Then purifi-9 tells you WHAT needs to be corrected and WHO needs to correct it. Once you do that, we store your original Form I-9 with the corrected one, as one searchable record. We also track and notify you when Section 2 documents need to be renewed and when your I-9’s need to be purged – all to enable compliance for every one of your I-9’s.

Having all your I-9’s in one place is critical for HR departments. Unifi-9 takes your historical I-9s, paper or electronic , and get them into our platform. Whether your moved over to us from another electronic process or you simply want to clean out filing cabinets of paper I-9s, unifi-9 has you covered. Unifi-9 also tracks and notifies you when Section 2 documents need to be renewed and when your I-9’s need to be purged once they’re in our system.

Amplifi-9 gives you multiple compliant methods to easily handle Remote Section 2 completion.

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