We built simplifi-9 to help you navigate the complexity of the 100+ page USCIS M-274 Employer Handbook, enabling I-9 compliance for both you and your employees through a fully digital process.


Simplifying the form I-9

Completely Electronic and Mobile Enabled

Allows employees to accurately and easily complete I-9’s on a desktop computer, laptop, smart tablet, or smart phone.

Simple to Use

Instructional prompts from the M-274 handbook are displayed to ensure accuracy of employee information during the completion process.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify Integration

I-9's are automatically uploaded to E-Verify once completed.


Technology Made for You

Built into our simplifi-9 software is a live audit trail reporting system called justifi-9: so we can help you better protect your business during ICE audits.

What it tracks:

  • Who logged in and from what device/browser
  • What data fields were entered
  • When signed
  • What was uploaded
  • Old and new values in the event of changes
    to any section of the I-9
  • Date/time/IP address stamps

Additional Features

This feature ensures your businesses hires the best candidate no matter where they are located.

Our HQ in Houston, TX combines technology with real HIREtech’ians to help you remediate your old I-9s: Line by line Page by page I-9 by I-9 and identify all the mistakes we find on your historical forms. Then purifi-9 will show you exactly: What needs to be keystroked in and by whom, in order to fix your I-9s Our system stores all versions as one searchable record.

The world is rapidly moving towards a paperless society. DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND. When you use our simplifi-9 platform we assist you in the digitization of your historical I-9’s. Once your documents are uploaded in our system we can track and notify you when they need to be renewed and/or purged in order to keep you in compliance.

Our Name Your Own Completer (NYO) option adheres to the M-274 and makes it simple for your new hire to select the Authorized Representative. This feature ensures your businesses hires the best candidate no matter where they are located.

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