Hiring Tax Incentives

Reduce Your Tax Liability With the Click of a Button

Various federal, state, and local programs exist to incentivize an employer’s business practices, such as hiring individuals with backgrounds that may affect their ability to secure/retain employment or conducting business in economically challenged locations. HIREtech has built a solution to identify and capture the tax incentives that your business qualifies for in order to maximize your tax savings, while minimizing operational time and risk.



The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal program that provides tax incentives to employers for hiring and retaining individuals from target groups. To claim the credit, an employer must identify a potential hire as being eligible under one of the target groups, on or before the day of the job offer. The credit is open to any tax paying company in the 50 United States, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.


Veteran Credit

Employers are eligible to claim up to $9,600 in tax credits for each veteran they hire and retain. HIREtech’s online platform enables real-time analysis of new hires that identify themselves as veterans during the WOTC questionnaire. HIREtech handles all the paperwork and form submission, eliminating client legwork.


State & Local Tax (SALT)

State and Local Programs are included in our Hiring Incentives service. This contingency program locates and executes obtaining of state funds and incentives outside of the normal channels of an enterprise. Either you win and receive extra funds, or we are paid nothing.


Location Based Incentives

Many programs exist at the federal, state, and local level that require the same information as WOTC. The HIREtech platform simultaneously checks for state and local tax incentives in conjunction with the WOTC screening in order to maximize your results.

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