Forms I-9 & E-Verify

The Form I-9 is the most significant compliance driven new hire form that a business uses. Government agencies are diligent and unwavering in their inspection of the Form I-9, exposing employers to significant risk. Simplifi-9 incorporates all USCIS and DHS I-9 rules and regulations to help employers onboard new hires quickly, while ensuring strict adherence to all compliance rules. The simplifi-9 mobile enabled platform fully supports Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3, along with all citizenship and visa types.

Rather than struggling with complicated workflows, simplifi-9 makes it easy for your employees and managers to get it right the first time. On screen tips and live support help provide the expertise to eliminate potential fines and audit challenges.

Get HIREtech'd with simplifi-9.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify Integration

HIREtech is an Authorized Agent for E-Verify. Once Section 2 of the form I-9 is complete, simplifi-9 automatically submits the case to the E-Verify Administration. All case details, including TNC’s, FANS, referral date confirmations and actions taken are stored, tracked, and maintained within the simplifi-9 dashboards.

simplifi-9 enables Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance no matter how, where, or who you hire.

Remote Section 2 Completion

Nationwide completer network and customizable Name Your Own (NYO)

I-9 Retention

1/3 rule enforcement with built-in retention and purging workflow

Section 3 Reverification

Rehires, name and citizenship changes with proactive notifications and a full audit report

Audit Trail Report

Real-time reporting precise tracking, UCIS compliance

I-9 Remediation

Enable compliance with legacy I-9s. Paper or electronic we can fix them and do it right

Mobile Enabled

Access anytime, anywhere, from any device

simplifi-9 can help with your historical I-9’s.

purifi-9 - Fix Old I-9s

The M-274 Handbook has specific guidelines for correcting your I-9’s. With purifi-9, HIREtech gets it done for you.

unifi-9 - digitization

Having all your I-9’s in one place is critical for HR departments. unifi-9 takes your historical I-9s, paper or electronic, and get them into our platform

Whether by choice or caused by the pandemic, businesses can struggle with Section 2 compliance when hiring remotely.

amplifi-9: compliantly complete remote hires anywhere

Name Your Own Completer (NYO)

The M-274 says ‘anyone else’ can be an authorized representative on behalf of the employer to complete Section 2. NYO lets the new hire (or employer) pick whoever they want to be that person. NYO gives the completer live, video-chat access to a HIREtech’ian to enable full compliance.

Premium Network

HIREtech has over 500 brick and mortar locations in all 50 states. The new hire selects the location closest to them during Section 1, and quickly schedules an appointment for at location Section 2 completion.

Platinum Network

When businesses hire great people that happen to live a little bit “out there,” amplifi-9 can help. Our remote completers can meet your new hires no matter where they are located.

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