Unemployment Claims Management

It is critical that businesses efficiently manage their unemployment claims process to reduce costs and tax rates. Unemployment Claims Management is a time sensitive, complicated, and laborious process. Businesses need a UCM solution and partner that doesn't just tell them what needs to be done, but actually implements and enhances all aspects of the claim process including initial claim management, wage audits, benefit charge reviews, and claim protests.

proCLAIMS enhances the entire claim life-cycle. This ensures that not only are all claims handled and processed correctly, but outcomes are improved and impact on your personnel is reduced.

Get HIREtech'd with proCLAIMS.

Ht works for you

HIREtech works for you to streamline and manage your Unemployment Claims Process from start to finish. Our industry leading technology and expertise ensures each claim is handled correctly and completely. With HIREtech as your partner, Unemployment claims win rates increase to more than 92%.

proCLAIMS combines people, expertise, and technology to reduce your UCM costs.

State Integration with SIDES

SIDES/NASWA 2020 Outstanding Performance Recipient

Integration with any onboarding system

Industry leading Claim win rates

Robust access controls

Customizable reports

Mobile Enabled

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