Partnerships & Alliances

HIREtech partnerships span a wide variety of industries allowing us to create diverse alliances that are unique in nature.

If you are interested in partnering with HIREtech, please click below to fill out our interest form.

Get HIREtech'd

Enable I-9 compliance for you and your employees through a fully digital process.

Wage & Employment

Relieve and streamline your HR’s workflow and assist your employees during their life events.

Tax Credits

Collect and manage your tax credits with our industry leading proprietary software.

Claims mgmt

Let HIREtech save your business money by managing every aspect of the unemployment claims process.


We don’t do everything for everyone, but we do four things really well


We got your Back

We’ll give you and your team everything you need to win more by working with HIREtech, without having to stop your day to day activities and change what you do best.

There's no box to fit in when you partner with Ht - Referrals, Integrations, or White Label, we
can handle it all.


These providers have seen a difference when working with HIREtech

  • ATS/Onboarding
  • Payroll provider
  • CPA
  • Background check
  • Any business who wants to win, grow, & continue more

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