Ohio Unemployment

Tax Savings

There are valuable tax savings techniques available to Ohio employers.

Reduce your SUI Tax Rates. Let us review your 2021 rate notice(s).

The deadline to leverage these options is December 31st, 2020.

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Ohio allows employers to leverage two valuable unemployment tax savings techniques called Voluntary Contributions and Joint Accounts
These are both great ways to reduce your SUI tax rates, the only employment tax you can directly control.

Voluntary Contribution

A Voluntary Contribution is when a business proactively “buys down” their issued state unemployment tax rate.

Joint Account

A Joint Account involves combining the unemployment “experience” of subsidiaries to achieve the lowest overall tax liability.


Your State Unemployment Insurance rates can increase if you don't respond timely to claims

HIREtech will help you to enhance and improve your unemployment claims management process top reduce costs and improve outcomes. We ensure that every claim managed and assessed for accuracy and applicability. We can even appeal claims on your behalf.

HIREtech offers award winning client service. We work to save you time and money while reducing risk.

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