Recently Issued SBIR to Commercialize NIH’s Internal Research

Recently Issued SBIR to Commercialize NIH’s Internal Research

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Recently Issued SBIR to Commercialize NIH’s Internal Research

Many may not know this, but the National Institutes of Health (NIH) not only funds external research via grants (to universities, companies, etc.), but NIH also directly performs intramural research. In fact, approximately 10% of NIH’s FY 2015 budget was slated for intramural research. A recently issued SBIR opportunity illustrates NIH’s commitment to create commercially-viable technology from their intramural research program.

The SBIR Technology Transfer (SBIR-TT) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is intended to help move commercially-viable technologies from the NIH Intramural Program to the marketplace. While universities can spin off companies, use incubator resources, and obtain funding from venture capital, the NIH intramural programs have no similar mechanism to develop technologies. Thus, this FOA intends to spur on this commercial development.

Small Business Concerns (SBCs) are encouraged to submit applications that further develop available NIH technologies. If selected for SBIR funding, the SBC will be granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive patent license agreement for internal research use to technologies held by NIH with the intent that the SBC will develop the invention into a commercial product to benefit the public.

For a complete listing of NIH intramural technologies which are available, please see NIH Office of Technology Transfer at:

For the complete description of this FOA, which is scheduled to be open for three years, please see:

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