Paradigm Partners is proud to announce that effective October 2, 2015, we are now HIREtech.

About five years ago, we developed a technology platform to better manage and track tax credits.

We called that prototype HIREtech. Today, it has evolved into an award-winning platform that offers more than just tax credits. As the HIREtech platform continues to gain popularity in the marketplace transforming us into a technology company, rebranding is the next natural step for our continued growth and success. While our email addresses and website will change to, we assure you that our leadership and people will remain the same.

"HIREtech has changed the way we think, perform, and service our clients for the better. This dynamic technology has proven to exponentially increase our client’s tax benefits that legacy processes or systems simply cannot replicate. Our clients now have actionable data and customized reports at their fingertips, which hashelped them make smarter and more informed decisions to grow their business."

imageZee Makhani

Managing Partner

"HIREtech is no longer just a platform for WOTC, it is our brand. HIREtech is evolving into a technology company focused on helping companies not only take advantage of tax incentive programs, but also streamline HR operations by saving our clients time and money. Our growth has been explosive and that is thanks to our valuable clients and alliances. Look for exciting things to come from HIREtech in the near future!"

imageBrian Cameron



Along with the rollout of our new corporate identity, we are pleased to introduce a new HIREtech solution:

Employment & Wage Verification. Employment and wage verification has been a process that many companies have struggled with for years, and we have developed a solution to streamline the process and eliminate the HR headache. Best of all, it is completely FREE for all clients. We love to talk about it, so give us a call to learn more, or check out our dedicated employment and wage verification website,

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. With HIREtech, we will continue to exceed your expectations by providing superior client service with industry-leading results.


The HIREtech Leadership Team

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