Hiring & Technical Tax Credits

The government has created a variety of tax credit programs that provide businesses income tax or payroll tax liability relief. Credit availability is based on certain criteria, including who a business hires, or if they create new or improved products and processes. These programs can be found at both the Federal and State levels.

These tax credit programs can be complex, confusing, and time consuming. As a result, businesses lose money every day and with every new hire.

Companies need a partner who knows the precise rules and regulations to identify, capture, and maximize these valuable tax credit opportunities.

Get HIREtech'd with hireCREDITS.

Maximize WOTC for your business

Maximize WOTC for your business

With hireCREDITS, businesses have the technology and expertise to maximize the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

  • Real time dashboards
  • Easy new hire process
  • Fast implementation

This results in the industry leading certification rate and average dollars per certified credit.

hireCREDITS provides the technology and expertise needed to maximize tax credits

New Hire Screening

Electronic, confidential, quick, and easy

Real Time Dashboard

Transparent metrics for easy program management and insights

State & Local Credits

Dynamically identified during implementation and employee screening

Tax Summary

Tax Preparers don't have to add, think or calculate

Government Relations Team

We work with the SWA to maximize your credits

Mobile Enabled

Access anytime, anywhere, from any device

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