Will Previously Employed Workers Reengage in the Workplace?

The U.S. Department of Labor announced today that

all 50 states and the District of Columbia are offering the additional $600 unemployment insurance payment under the CARES Act, which President Trump signed at the end of last month.

April 30, 2020

This unprecedented relief initiative will be instrumental in moving our nation – and our people – forward, as various news and government predictions have the unemployment rate in the United States reaching over 16% due to the impacts created by the Coronavirus. Many recipients of the aid will benefit from total unemployment assistance that will meet, or in some cases exceed their previous compensation after taxes paid. This has led some to question and worry about the long-term outlook and probability of re-engaging and re-employing workers back into their previous jobs (or others) when the economy begins to recover.

Re-employing workers will be vital to moving our nation forward from this pandemic. The government is motivated to encourage those who can work to reengage in the workforce. However, the reality is that unless a business is using an Unemployment Claims Management (UCM) platform that tracks, documents, and reports their attempts to rehire previously employed individuals, this problem is likely to become a headache for them and ultimately for the rest of America.

HIREtech utilizes technology that helps mitigate this monumental risk. Our UCM platform tracks when you re-offer employment to a former employee or even offer a new employee. Then, if these individuals decline employment, our platform documents and submits this to the State, alleviating you of the responsibility and putting the applicant on notice that unemployment benefits will be coming to an end. This type of oversight is needed, not just for your company, but for all of America.

In addition to this benefit, HIREtech’s UCM platform is fully outsourced, alleviating you of any work related to unemployment claims. We have HIREtech’ians on call ready to assist you in answering any questions or solving any issues related to unemployment. We are an award winning UCM company (UI SIDES) that minimizes UI tax rates and wins at an industry leading rate – the exact company you need to help you with unemployment claims during a pandemic.

Contact us today to see a demo of our UCM solution and take the responsibility of unemployment claims off your plate.

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